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Ian McManus

I was born in a small village just outside Cambridge, and while at school, the only subject I was really interested in was art, particularly relief sculpture. I have done a variety of jobs throughout my life, none of which fulfil the creative side of my nature, and that’s probably why thirty years or so after leaving school, I thought I’d take up art again. I began with acrylics and then moved on to oils, but I was never happy with my efforts. I realised I needed to learn the art of painting from the beginning again and enrolled in an art course at the local college. However, the only course available was for watercolour, so I thought I’d give it a go! From there on I was hooked on watercolour and I now paint exclusively in that medium. My style is direct application of paint with no overlay of washes as I believe this gives the finished painting the transparency so desired by many watercolour artists. I believe that anyone who is passionate enough about painting can learn to paint. It’s a continual learning experience, but very rewarding when it all comes together and you finish up with a painting you’re happy with. I run a weekly watercolour class, and also do occasional day workshops for art groups.My subjects are taken from everyday life, from the UK to France, Spain, Greece – anywhere there’s a moment to be captured in watercolour.